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​Novocanemusic provides creative musicproductions for different media.

The driving  force behind the venture is Willem Philipsen. He serves as producer and composer. In the past he has been the guitar player for bands like Postmen, Treble and Soulvation.

After a massive stroke his left side became paralysed. Since then Willem can't play the guitar anymore. During his rehabilitation Willem recovered his passion for music in producing and composing.

Willem's musical origin sprouts from various styles. Wich is why his capacities as a Composer are very broad.

Novocane is continuously looking to find the right tone for your product!

Elwin Bes
Director (freelance)

I’ve worked with Willem on several occasions and it’s always a pleasure. He’s a talented musician who is crazy about music, sound and film. Professionally he’s dedicated, versatile, quick and open to try new things. His communication skills are perfect, which makes it easy to work with him. Personally he’s easygoing and has a great sense of humour.


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